Thursday, April 5, 2012

Butter London Disco Biscuit with Lynnderella Connect The Dots

Yesterday I showed you Butter London Disco Biscuit. Today I added Lynnderella Connect The Dots and wow does it look yummy! Behold:

Connect The Dots is from Lynnderella's 2011 Halloween Collection. I really like it a lot. It's different from anything in my collection for sure. It actually looks like nail art when you're wearing it. I was asked today, while in a nail salon dusty hunting, who did my nail art :)  It's always flattering when a nail professional notices your nails. When you apply this polish you want to use two coats (at least) of top coat and be sure the glitter is laying flat. It will actually scratch you if it's poking up and dries that way. There is a bit of sparkly glitter that is kind of hidden in there and you don't notice it till the light hits it. I love this!
Lynnderella is an indy polish and is available at llarowe by wish list only. What that means is you submit a wish list (when they're accepting new lists. Currently they are not) and they fill the orders as they get shipments in by a confusing alphabetical system. So if you want to get this or any other Lynnderella I suggest you like llarowe's Facebook page and wait for the announcement. They're really good at keeping you up to date with shipments. They also carry a lot of other hard to get polishes from outside the US. Thanks for looking!