Friday, April 27, 2012

ManGlaze Fatty's Got More Blood

I have a matte from ManGlaze. This company has some superb matte polishes. When I got this one they were doing a remodel on their website so I bought this on their Facebook page and they had a 10% discount. I just checked and they're still selling on the FB page with the discount because they're still doing their remodel. It's worth clicking on their website though just to take the quick test they have you take to enter their site. I should warn you though this is not for everyone. They're very much an over 18 company, if the name alone didn't clue you in on that ;) So be warned, they're not for the timid lacquerhead :)
Let's get to some pictures then I'll talk about my NOTD

ManGlaze Fatty's Got More Blood is a (shocker) blood red matte. ManGlaze only makes mattes. And they're all awesome. I have 4 of them so far. I love the matte look but it's a limited love. I can make it most of a day but I always end up putting top coat over it. You're not supposed to use hand lotion while wearing a matte or suede, and I just can't do it. I have to put my lotion on a couple-three times a day. Especially when I am doing any cleaning. I slather my hands up with hand creme then put on cotton gloves and then my rubber gloves. This does a few things. #1 It protects my nails. My mani takes no damage no matter if I'm scrubbing pots n pans, or cleaning the tub. #2 It acts as a sort of sauna or hot oil treatment type thing. Your hands are in hot water and while the water isn't touching your hands the heat will penetrate the gloves and open your pores which allows the hand creme to absorb into your skin, cuticles and nails. Winning! And #3 I love to use super hot water when cleaning. The gloves allow me to use straight hot water and kill all the germies while my hands are comfy and protected. So, wow. That train got totally de-railed. I didn't really plan to talk about all that lol. Anyway, FGMB is a deep red matte, with silver sparklies. You can see them best in my natural light picture. It's really just a smooth sexy color. I adore it. You should see it with top coat ;)


  1. This company's names make me crrrrrringe but they're all such fantastic colors! Alas and alack, I'm ALWAYS slathering lotion on, like constantly all day long, so I should probably stay away from mattes and just live vicariously through you. ;)