Tuesday, April 24, 2012

OPI DS Extravagance

OPI Designer Series. I dream of owning you all!

OPI DS Extravagance from the Designer Series Collection of Fall 2008. It's a red purple with holographic sparkles and isn't it lovely. This is one of my favorite in Designer Series. I have it for my pedi currently as well. It looks stunning in person. In the sun it seems to glow. It applies easily and you can use top coat with it. I use the DS Top coat and then some SV. No dulling.  If you don't have this one I highly recommend it. How many OPI DS do you have in your collection? Do you want to collect them all? I have 23 and I hope to some day own them all.


  1. Ah I love this one, it's the only DS I dished out the money for :) Simply gorgeous!

  2. You're like, the holo queen! I saw some DS's last time I was in Ulta. They had them marketed sooo well. lol. They were on the very bottom shelf and in the very back. Have you tried Classic? I like the idea of a nude holo.

  3. Julie: It's well worth dishing the money out!
    Carly: Thanks!
    Liesl: Maybe I am, lol. I really love them all. But the scattered holos are my favorite. Ulta often wastes so much potential. They seem to just haphazardly put things out. They make me a little crazy sometimes. I have classic and I can show it to you if you want me to blog it soon? It's really classy. When you're indoors it's pretty tame and would definitely be office appropriate. But outside...BOOM holo gorgeousness! I had to go to a funeral back in February and I wanted to wear something respectful but still happy and fun (my Aunt, it was her funeral, would have said for me to wear purple, her favorite color. Or anything else I wanted to wear). I chose Classic and felt like I made the perfect choice. My muggle family had no idea and my cousins who are semi nail polish enthusiasts were in love with it. Sorry, didn't meant to write a book. Classic just has special importance to me now.

    1. That's cool. I like to hear stories that go along with certain polishes. You should def swatch Classic, I'd love to see it. And, speaking of Ulta wasting potential, mine has their Laylas on the bottom shelf of an endcap. They've got the older OPI collections in more prominent places than those. Silly marketers.

    2. That's cool. I like hearing of how certain colors have special significance. You should def blog it soon. I have an aunt whose favorite color is purple, too; when her time comes her funeral's going to be and explosion of purple. ;) Re. Ulta's waste of potential... mine's got their Laylas on the bottom shelf of an endcap. They show the older OPI collections more prominently. Silly kids. :)

    3. I don't know what the people at Ulta are thinking sometimes. They obviously do not get it. I've had so many times I've had to search to find something and that should never happen. A less determined person would have given up!