Friday, April 20, 2012

Sally Hansen Strobe Light

Glitter. Holographic Glitter...

Sally Hansen Stobe Light over Orly Liquid Vinyl natural light

Sally Hansen Stobe Light over Orly Liquid Vinyl artificial light

Sally Hansen Stobe Light over Orly Liquid Vinyl 

Sally Hansen Stobe Light over Orly Liquid Vinyl close up

Sally Hansen Stobe Light over Orly Liquid Vinyl intentionally blurry to show holographic
Today I wanted sparkles. So I decided to do a base of two coats Orly Liquid Vinyl and top it with one coat of Sally Hansen Strobe Light. I did two coats of Strobe Light on my ring finger as an accent. Strobe Light is silver and holographic glitter in a clear base. If I wear this again, I think I'll use Wet N Wild black creme so I only have to do one coat. By the time I was finished it ended up pretty thick. I needed two coats of Gelous and then SV quick dry coat. This look is crazy sparkly. The holographic glitter is beautiful. If you want a mani that is eye catching this is the one for you. For me, I think it might be too much for my taste. I'm more of a glitter on the accent nail girl instead of the whole mani. It's pretty though. How about you? Full glitter mani or accent nail only?


  1. I have Strobe Light! It looks awesome over black. I'm totally more of an accent girl, too, but I do think I'll go all-out for the PaA challenge this coming Monday. If you've still got this on, we'll be twins!

  2. Ah, I took it off. I used the foil method lol. There was NO other way I was going to attempt getting this one off. Can't wait to see your version!

    1. I think you'll recognize it... lol. I'm going to use Essie Licorice, it's not such a shiny black. I love it for pedicures and layering. :)

  3. Oh, I don't have Licorice. I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the tip!