Wednesday, August 1, 2012

OPI Delete Diabetes

OPI was part of the City of Hope Spirit of Life fund raising dinner event recently. As a gift they gave out two exclusive to the dinner, polishes. I am lucky enough to know someone who was at this dinner and so was able to get these two polishes. I am so happy to have them. Diabetes has a strong place in my life. My youngest sister was diagnosed with Diabetes type 1. It's lifelong for her and cannot be controlled by her diet and exercise as type 2 can be. She is and always will be insulin dependent until the day they find a cure. Nothing would make me happier than to see her free of her insulin pump and without worry over the many things that go along with being diabetic. So fund raising for the cause is near and dear to my heart.
So here is the first polish: Delete Diabetes

This was really hard to capture the actual color. The color is NOT accurate in the natural light. The only one that is the actual color is the last picture of the close up with the name on the bottom of the bottle. It's blurry but it's the right color :) It's less vibrant in the pictures than in real life, and they do not do this beauty justice at all! The formula and application were both perfect and the wear has been very good as well. All in all this polish is great. If you can find it or know someone who has it, I highly recommend you try out a mani with it. I think you'll love it too :)

Here is a couple bottle shots of both polish until I can get Spirit Of Life photographed and blogged.