Monday, November 19, 2012

My very first ombre. And it's pink. Of course :)

I've been wanting to do an ombre manicure for a while now. I was a little intimidated with it. I have a lot of polish, so I wasn't concerned with having the right colors. More like concerned with going through my stash to actually decide which to use. It took me a while. But here's what I came up with.

I'm super duper in love with it. I love cremes. They're so shiny and classy looking. These are the colors I used:
Thumb: OPI Koala Bear-y (2007 Australia Collection)
Index: China Glaze Wicked Style (2012 Electropop Colletion)
Middle: China Glaze Laced Up (2009 Kicks Collection)
Ring: Color Club In Bloom (2010 All About Color Collection)
Pinky: Color Club In Bloom mixed with Wet N Wild Wild Shine French White Creme

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