Sunday, November 18, 2012

OPI DS Desire

I died a little when I wore this the first time. And a little more each time I wear it. I try not to wear it too often for fear I'll end up all the way dead o.O
Seriously, it's that gorgeous.

OPI Ds Desire from the 2007 Designer Series Collection. I wanna wear it every day. Coppery brown holo-licious goodness. This is one that's so dang pretty I could just eat it. OK, not really. I'd never eat polish. But, seriously. Gorgeous.
The holographic effect on Desire is amazing. Why doesn't OPI make the DS series holos like this anymore?
I use the DS Top Coat with the DS series holos. It keeps them shiny, helps them last longer and doesn't dull the holo effect.
Win, win, win :)

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