Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Color Club Harp On It

This stunning linear silver holographic is intense!

Like amazeballz intense! Almost too intense for me. Almost. I wore this out to dinner with DH and in the restaurant lighting it was just gorgeous. I almost couldn't stop staring at my hands to enjoy my amazing sushi. Almost ;)
Harp on it from Color Club's Hues collection released this winter (2012), is the perfect linear holographic silver. The entire collection is gorgeous. It applied perfectly. I used Nfu Oh Aqua Base with it even though you don't need it I feel like it intensifies the holo and evens everything out. I used SH Diamond Flash QDTC with it because I think it works best with holos and doesn't dull the effect. I am so glad I got this collection. It's a must have for any holo lover. The wear on these is also amazing. Well done Color Club.

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