Thursday, January 3, 2013

Revlon Bubble Gum

Pretty pink scented nail polish

Revlon Bubble Gum is another scented polish. It was released in their 2010 Scents of Summer Collection. And BLEH!! It does not smell like bubble gum at all. It smells more like fake watermelon. I don't like watermelon, so there ya have it. Why do they make these scented polishes? More importantly, why do I keep buying them? I don't buy them for their scent that is for sure! It's the color. And this Bubble Gum is purdy. The kind of berry pink that I love so much. The scent, thankfully, was less intense once I applied TC. And after sleeping I can say the next day is was almost non existant. Thank goodness. It took 3 coats for opacity. In spite of it's stinkyness, I love it.

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