Thursday, February 28, 2013

OPI DS Indulgence

Another from my collection of the Designer Series

OPI DS Indulgence from the 2012 collection is a berry red with a strong gold shimmer. Stunningly gorgeous. This looks so beautiful in person. The pictures just can't do justice to this beauty. Proof positive why I buy the Designer Series the day they're released every year.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Zoya Mira with Revlon Scandalous

Purple...and glitter

Zoya Mira from 2011's Summertime collection is a medium purple creme. It's a blue toned purple with  a dusty lavender look. It's a beautiful color.  Application and wear time were good. Zoya always pleases.
Revlon Scandalous, originally Revlon Facets of Fuchsia,  is from the Expressionist Collection also released in 2011. Scandalous is black jelly base with purple hex glitter and smaller glitter. It's pretty much a dupe for Deborah Lippmann's Bad Romance. This is a fun combo though I'm not sure Mira is a good match for my skin tone. I'll have to wear it again to decide.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Color Club Cosmic Fate

Gorgeous holographic peachy goodness

Color Club Cosmic Fate is from the Halo Hues 2013 Collection. Holographic polish is one of my absolute favorite finishes to wear. It's so stunning and just amazing looking. You can't go wrong with it. This color is pretty unique. It's a bronzy-orangey-peachy shade. It's beautiful. The holo effect in this second set from Color Club is less linear in my opinion and a but scattered. I don't mind. I love both styles of holo. I used Nfu Oh Aqua base though it's absolutely not needed. I just feel like I need something under a holo and I might as well use aqua base. I'm sure it would apply just fine on bare nails, but you're not gonna get me to ever apply polish without something under it. It's just something I feel strongly about.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Milani Spoiled In Fuchsia

Textured nail polish is the new crackle I guess? I can say I love this new trend! So much amazeballs!!!

Milani Spoiled In Fuchsia is from the Milani Textured recent release. I love this color, I love the texture. It's a total win! I bought three of the colors from this collection and I can't wait to try all three of them. If the other two are anything like this one, I am thrilled.
The application for this polish is super easy and smooth. I used my regular style of applying polish. I didn't use all my usual  basecoat and treatment. Since these dry different from regular polish I only used Poshe quick dry base coat. I then apllied two even coats of SIF letting the first coat dry before applying the second. About five minutes or so. No top coat of course. The mani was completely dry within twenty minutes or so. It did not take long at all. The end result looks a little like leather to me. Complete adoration. I love the look, the feel, the wear...everything about it. The feel is much like the OPI Liquid Sand and Zoya Pixie Dust. Doesn't bother me at all. In fact I can't stop feeling the texture. I'll be buying three of the China Glaze Textures when they come out too. With the China Glaze colors I feel like I'll have a nice variety of color to choose from when I want to wear a textured polish. The only thing I feel like I'm missing in these textured polishes without gllitter (ie: OPI Liquid Sand) is a black shade. I know Nails Inc. has a black. It's a $25 price tag, and while I don't mind paying for something I want, it seems a little steep considering the price point on China Glaze and especially Milani. Maybe someone else will come out with a nice black. If not, I can see myself paying the $25 for the Nails Inc. so I can feel complete.

Friday, February 22, 2013

OPI Do You Think I'm Tex-Y with OPI Show It And Glow It

A lovely jelly with some added sparkle.

OPI Do You Think I'm Tex-Y is from the Texas Collection released Spring 2011. Love this collection.  Well, I love the jellies. OPI calls them sorbet. Whatever you wanna call them, I love them all. DYTIT is a deep purple jelly. Sort of a pinkish purple. It's lovely. Applies and wear just like it should. Smooth and long wearing.
OPI Show It And Glow It is from the 2010 holiday released Burlesque Collection. Made mostly of purple and silver glitter there is the occasional blue and orange in there as well. I love micro glitter. Especially for an accent nail. I don't often wear glitter for a full mani. It just over powers the look too much for my taste.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

OPI Deutsch You Want Me Baby?

From the fall of 2012 Germany Collection

OPI Deutsch You Want Me Baby? is a rusty orange shimmer. It's super pretty. I love this shade of orange. It goes so well with my skin tone. The golden shimmer is perfect with this shade. You can't call every shade of orange classy, but this one sure is.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

China Glaze Designer Satin with Zoya Kissy

Zoya makes glitters. I don't know why I waited so long to try Kissy

China Glaze Designer Satin is from the imMaterial Girl Collection released in 2008. It's typical of my berry colored polish that I adore, though it's more purple than pink. Still in the same family type though. And I do love it. I don't know what it is about this color type but I can't stop buying them :) As always, everything about this polish is perfect. Typical China Glaze.
Zoya Kissy is from Zoya's Gems & Jewels 2011 Holiday Collection. It's a multi colored glitter with pink, purple, red and silver holographic with some bar and also round glitter in clear base. It goes amazingly well with Designer Satin. Love this combo!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

OPI Danke-Shiny Red

How I love OPI. I also love red polish. OPI red polish :)

OPI Danke-Shiny Red was released in the Germany Collection this past fall. It's a shimmery red and it's glorious. The golden shimmer is so gorgeous. This is a red I think would look good with any skin tone. It's perfect. Absolutely classic. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

China Glaze Cowgirl Up

Cowgirl Up!

When I got China Glaze Cowgirl Up it was when the 2008 Rodeo Diva Collection was released, though I think it might be core collection now. It's a red toned purple shimmer. It is so pretty! Application and wear are typical China Glaze, amazing.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Orly Torrid

Might as well follow up Valentine's Day with another red...

Orly Torrid is a shimery red from their Naughty or Nice collection released holiday season 2012. I like this color. I probably have 2 or 3 other similar if not dupes to this. I still enjoy it. It applied smoothly and looks gorgeous. I got tip wear pretty quickly. I think it's my base or top coat, not Torrid at fault. Next time I wear this I am going to try a different combo. Hopefully with better results. I don't usually wear my polish long enough for this to be a problem, but I do like to get through one day though.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day. Holo Ombre to celebrate

I've been wanting to do a holographic ombre. This kind of fell into place with very little work. I love when that happens :)

I used 4 Jade holos and 1 OPI DS. Here is what I used:
Thumb: OPI DS Chiffon
Index: Jade Delrio Rosa
Middle: Jade Seducao Rosa
Ring: Jade Deja vu
Pinky: Jade Vermelho Surreal

I really am really enjoying this. The pink to red transition is awesome! It looks so sparkly and pink and just plain fun. The Jade holographics are amazing. They apply perfectly and you can use top coat with them. OPI DS Chiffon is also amazing, as the Designer Series collection always is. I used Sally Hansen Diamond Flash fast dry because it rarely (if ever) dulls holo effect. Love it. It dried prett fast too. And it's shiny enough to satisfy this shiny TC lover.
DH got me the most gorgeous infinity bracelet. It has our initials also. I adore it. I adore him even more <3

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

OPI Danke-Shiny Red

Red for Valentine's Day eve

OPI Danke-Shiny Red is a cherry red with gold shimmer. It's from the Germany Collection released in the fall 2012 collecton. It is the perfect polish. It's gorgeous shimmer is TDF. The application was flawless and it wears forever. I love this polish so much. OPI is my favorite brand and they nearly always amaze me with their formula and colors. This collection has some stunners. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day! Looking forward to date night with DH!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

OPI DS Mystery

Slowly making my way through blogging my OPI Designer Series Collection

OPI DS Mystery from the 2009 Designer Series Collection is a dark purple jelly base with gold shimmery flakes. Or glitter. Whichever it is, wow. I like this one a lot. It's a mess for clean  up though.  After an intense clean up and then a shower it was fine. The wear time is typical. Application was a little tough. I think it's gotten thick over time and might need some thinner. Removal wasn't bad. I didn't use the foil method. I did, however, wash my hands and use a nail brush to get rid of the stray glitter.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Color Club Foil Me Once with OPI Teenage Dream

Another day, another gorgeous pink polish  :)

Color Club Foil Me Once is a pink foil from their fall of 2011 Foiled Collection. It's a typical foil and it's lovely pink. How can I go wrong! Application and wear time were great. Good polish. I did the accent nail with CC FMO with a coat of OPI Teenage Dream. Teenage Dream was released in the Katy Perry Collection in 2011. It has light pink glitter with circle holo glitter in a clear base. Making it easy to layer over a lot of options. I thought it would look really nice over this pink foil. I was right. It looked great. Love this mani.

Friday, February 8, 2013

OPI DS Sensation

Pink shimmer is awesome...

OPI DS Sensation is a pink with orange undertones base with glass fleck like shimmer. It's pretty fancy looking. I like it a lot. This was released in the 2006 Designer series collection. The blueish shimmer is not as blue in real life as it looks in the pictures. But it is definitely stunning. Love this polish.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Revlon Fire Fox Top Coat

Since yesterday's mani showed tip wear so quickly, I decided to add top coat.

Revlon Fire Fox Matte Suede with top coat looks nice, but ordinary compared to the matte velvet look before top coat. I liked it well enough, but even with TC it chipped before the day ended. This polish isn't made for long wear. The shimmer was less prominent with the TC. How is that possible. I don't understand that at all o.O

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Revlon Fire Fox

Revlon had matte polish. They call it matte suede

Revlon Fire Fox Matte Suede from the 2010 Suede Rhapsody Collection. I love the way this looks. It's shimmery and not just matte, which is awesome. The pinkish shimmer is pretty unique in my collection. It's a very interesting look. It applied just fine and dried pretty quickly. Unfortunately it started showing tip wear almost immediately. That's the price you pay for the lack of top coat.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

OPI DS Exclusive

Purple still my heart

This is OPI Exclusive. One of the most gorgeous of the DS Series. Well, they're all beautiful, but this one is especially lovely. OPI DS Exclusive was released in the first Designer Series set in 2006. It's pretty hard to find now and very expensive if you do find it. Best case would be finding it dusty hunting.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Essie Bordeaux with China Glaze Crystal Ball

Vampy red jelly. It's so pretty :)

Essie Bordeaux is a deep red jelly. It's from their core collection. I went looking for something else from Essie and ended up bringing this home as a substitute/dupe instead. It's a really pretty color. In the past I've had problems keeping Essie polish on for more than a day due to almost immediate chipping. Since I changed my base coat, I decided to do a test run and see if it may have made a difference. It did indeed! These pictures are after 8 days!! All I had was tip wear and it was minor and certainly to be expected after 8 days. I might actually add some more Essie to my collection now that it seems to last longer for me. Yay!
I added China Glaze Crystal Ball for the accent nail. Obviously I didn't have a problem with it lasting either. The base color matched really well to Bordeaux and the holographic particles added just the right amount of spice.

Friday, February 1, 2013

OPI The Show Must Go On

Love this polish. From the holiday 2010 Burlesque Collection. Love this collection. Not a bad one in the entire 12 polishes.

OPI The Show Must Go On is a glass fleck like metallic duochrome. I wasn't able to capture the duochrome. It's very evident in real life. It flashes gold. As with this entire collection, everything about it is perfect. I wear this one a lot. It's gorgeous.