Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day. Holo Ombre to celebrate

I've been wanting to do a holographic ombre. This kind of fell into place with very little work. I love when that happens :)

I used 4 Jade holos and 1 OPI DS. Here is what I used:
Thumb: OPI DS Chiffon
Index: Jade Delrio Rosa
Middle: Jade Seducao Rosa
Ring: Jade Deja vu
Pinky: Jade Vermelho Surreal

I really am really enjoying this. The pink to red transition is awesome! It looks so sparkly and pink and just plain fun. The Jade holographics are amazing. They apply perfectly and you can use top coat with them. OPI DS Chiffon is also amazing, as the Designer Series collection always is. I used Sally Hansen Diamond Flash fast dry because it rarely (if ever) dulls holo effect. Love it. It dried prett fast too. And it's shiny enough to satisfy this shiny TC lover.
DH got me the most gorgeous infinity bracelet. It has our initials also. I adore it. I adore him even more <3

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