Monday, May 13, 2013

Spa Ritual Hidden Reef

Hidden Reef is the only Spa Ritual I own. I don't go to Sephora a lot and so I've only looked at the brand a few times casually. If Hidden Reef is any indication though, I need more :)

Spa Ritual Hidden Reef is from the spring 2012 Water Collection. Hidden Reef is a rose pink with golden shimmer. The shimmer is subtle but really pretty. I have had this a long time and haven't worn it because I thought that it might be a border line "mature" shade. I think it's not; and really looked good with my skin tone.  I'm glad I finally decided to try it out. It's a keeper!


  1. Love this one! I want to get Spa ritual "Epiphany" but we dont have that brand here in Aus and its not on ebay either! :(

    1. I looked up Epiphany. It's really pretty! Have you looked for an e-store that ships internationally? I hope you get it soon :) Thanks for looking!

  2. I have looked everywhere! It is so elusive! LOL. I hope I can find it somewhere!