Monday, September 30, 2013

Color Club Pure Energy

Color Club Pure Energy..
When I hear Pure Energy I immediately think...

So the whole time I'm doing this mani...I'm singing this :D

So, Color Club Pure Energy. It was released in the 2009 Electro Candy Collection, though I got mine at Ross in one of their Color Club packs they have on occasion. They always come without a label and since I cannot stand for the polish not to have a name, I added my own label.
Pure Energy is a vibrant neon blue with green shimmer. Another blue I can wear without my hands looking super red!! Yay *\o/*
The formula was thin but not runny. It was streaky the first two coats but by the third it was good. The nail line was not as visible as the picture make it look. As with all neons it dried semi matte. I added top coat to make it shiny. I really like this polish. It's a fun change for me!

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