Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Jade Echarpe de Seda

Jade polish is such a great brand. They have wonderful formula and for me, they last a really long time on the nail. I just bought the entire Special Glitz collection. I wore Echarpe de Seda first. Both Ninja Polish and Llarowe sell it for $6.

Jade Echarpe de Seda is from the Special Glitz collection that I think was released this summer. I just ordered it a couple weeks ago and was in a hurry to try them out! Echarpe de Seda is a cherry red with holographic glitter. It's not chunky at all. It's similar to the holiday collection holographics Zoya put out last year. I haven't compared the colors, so I don't know if there are dupes yet. Application was smooth and easy. I used two coats with SV as my top coat. I'm no sure if the SV dulled any holo effect. I didn't have time to wait for it to dry so I had to take the chance. I am pleased with the results!

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