Monday, October 21, 2013

Dollish Polish Zombie Flesh

Ermagherd Zermbiesssss!!!!!

Dollish Polish Zombie Flesh is an olive green shimmery base with green black and gold glitter. It's a bit sheer so I ended up doing three coats. Easy coats because the formula is great. Wear time is good as well. In the picture it looks like there's VNL but in reality it's not even noticeable. It's not super gritty so I didn't have to use extra top coat.
It's really an awesome polish whether you like zombies or not. I happen to think they're disgusting, horrible and completely gross while slightly entertaining. As long as they're not chasing me, that is :D
Since I was doing a zombie mani I decided to pair it with my equally awesome ZOMBIE Plan Charm Bracelet For The Zombie Apocalypse. It is the most fun and silly bracelet I currently own. Every time I wear it I get comments. I highly recommend it :)


  1. Love this colour! I love anything zombie related :)