Wednesday, October 2, 2013

KleanColor Metallic Pink

October is the month of Halloween and breast cancer awareness. So pink and orange :D I love both colors! So today we have pink.

KleanColor Metallic Pink is just that, a shimmery pink foil. It has a bit of an orange flash sometimes. It's subtle but it's there. It's the shade of pink I really enjoy wearing. I'm not really familiar with KleanColor brand. I've seen it online a few times, so when I was at the flea market and saw a booth filled with the brand, I picked up a few. I will say the smell is pretty strong. Phew! The opacity was perfect though. I could have done one coat if I was more careful. Overall I like it a lot. The wear time wasn't bad either. I don't feel like it chipped any sooner than the other brands I favor.

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