Thursday, October 17, 2013

OPI California Raspberry

I seem to be only going towards my OPI collection lately. I've got to open the drawers in my Alex and visit the other brands I have! Hopefully I'll follow through and do just that. I do love OPI polish though. I think my Zoya, China Glaze, Indies and the list goes on, are lonely. :D

OPI California Raspberry is from the OPI Core collection. If it was released in a collection I don't know which one. It's fairly older though, of that I'm sure. I really like it though. The style doesn't seem old. It's shimmery without being frosty. Which is always good. It's kind of a mix between pink and red, which are my favorite shades to wear. Application was just perfect and it wears wonderfully.
DH and I are going to see Rod Stewart in concert tonight and I have a top that is nearly this exact shade I'm wearing. I can't wait! It's going to be so fun. I love Rod Stewart like I love nail polish ;)
Thanks DH for getting such good tickets. Now let's hope I catch a soccer ball finally.

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  1. OPI is the absolute best and longest lasting nail polish. I messed up and accidently bought this colour and one other from Ebay in China. Yes indeed they were fakes, as the colours were nothing like they should be. I will only buy from England, where I live in future. LESSON LEARNED! XX