Thursday, November 21, 2013

Zoya Dovima

Zoya Dovima was originally released in the summer of 2009, but has just been re-issued. Thank goodness, because I did not get this when it was originally released. I am so happy to have this to add to my Velvet Matte collection. Now I just need Harlow and I'll have them all. When will you re-issue Harlow, Zoya??

Since today is the opening for Catching Fire I decided to do an accent nail of fire, of course :) The flame isn't translating to the picture how good I think it looks, Darn camera. I really like it.

And of course...the mockingjay pin!

For the flame I used Zoya America then added some Zoya Arizona. For the glitter I used China Glaze Electrify from the collection released with the first Hunger Games movie.

I did a mani for the premier of Hunger Games as well.

Can't wait for tonight. DH bought these tickets as soon as they came available. It's going to be so good. Team Peeta FTW!!!

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  1. I love your mani and I love the Hunger Games! Can't wait to watch the new movie! The pin is awesome!