Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Orly On The List

Orly On The List was a holiday 2012 mini I picked up during the holiday season that year at Sally's. I didn't see it in regular size so I don't know if it was just available in mini or if I missed something.

Orly On The List is nothing groundbreaking or even new in the nail polish world in terms of color and design. It's a pretty deep red jelly with pink shimmer. I am sure I have at least one other polish that's a dupe or at least a sister to this. The formula was really nice though. And it wore like a dream. It looks especially pretty in the sunlight.


  1. This is really pretty. Some of the red jelly polishes with shimmer or glitter are kind of messy looking, but this seems more...refined? I don't know, it's just pretty!

    1. Thanks whenlifehandsyouapear! I agree with you, they do often look messy. And they're harder to apply because they're goopier (is that a word?). Thanks for looking!