Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Back from hiatus

I've been away from my blog; but not nail polish, for several months. DH and I have been working on a home renovation since March and I just didn't have time to take pictures and blog each mani. Also, I filed my nails really short during that time so I wouldn't have breaks or damage from all the drywall, paint, water, caulk, etc that are involved in basically destroying your living room, dining room and kitchen then rebuilding them :D
I thought I'd add this to my diary since it was part of my nail polish journey if only a detour from my blogging for a few months.
This is our living room that we started with:

Pretty ordinary. And ugly. We hated that fireplace. You can't really see the old dingy popcorn ceiling but it's another thing we hated about this house when we bought it. We didn't like the carpet either. Or the paint color.... We started in March....
So we tore out the fireplace and redid the paint, added crown moulding, tore out the carpet and added hard wood, bought new furniture, new ceiling fan, added wood blinds. Basically we redid the whole dang thing.
For reference, here's a picture of the remodel of the living room about mid way. The carpet is gone, the fireplace is demolished, the popcorn ceiling is half scraped:

Here's how it ended up:
There's a doggy hiding....

See the doggy hiding again? That's Mia

Mia says Hi! :D

We finished in July!
And then we went to New York for a week and got away from dust and construction. It was good to finally be done and enjoy our hard work.
We've had company since we finished as well. We've really had a busy summer! It's been a lot of fun showing our family our "little" project.

Back to nail polish tomorrow!


  1. congrats ! now i hope we will see more posts :) enjoy !

    1. Thanks! I'll be back to regular blogging now! 3 to 5 days a week :) Thank you for looking.

  2. Looks so nice, great improvement!!!

    Love the purple chair and little cutie pup :)