Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Jade Dama Da Noite

Jade is a brand of polish from Brazil. I was lucky enough to trade with a kind girl there and got a TON of polish. We had such a great time doing that trade we're currently doing another. I love trading! Speaking of trading..I have a large trade list right here that I'd love to shorten.

And now Jade Dama Da Noite:

Jade Dama de Noite is a berry red creme and was released in the spring 2013 Cremoso collection. This collection is really crelly to me. They are very shiny, slightly squishy looking and just beautiful. I love Jade polish. I have around 25 bottles of it and I have yet to have one not apply perfect and wear like armor.
Jade can be purchased from Color 4 Nails and Llarowe