Monday, September 29, 2014

Jade Realeza

Jade nail polish is a favorite of mine for a good while now. My first introduction to Jade was the result of a trade with a really nice Brazillian girl I met in a group on FaceBook. Since them I've bought them from a couple of e-tailers and just love the formula and lasting wear time they offer.

Jade Realeza, released summer 2013, is a berry pink jelly with holographic glitter. It's amazing indoors but outside it where it literally shines. I wore this to the state fair this past weekend and could not stop staring at the sparkle :D It was perfect for a day spent outdoors. The formula was perfect and I had absolutely no chips on this for the 3 days I wore it. I love pink shades like this! because of the jelly base I ended up doing three coats to get it mostly opaque. I did two coats of top coat to get it smooth.

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