Thursday, October 2, 2014

China Glaze Grape Pop Skittles!

I don't do enough skittle manis. I have definitely got to do more! I got inspiration for this mani while cruising around the interwebs looking at other blogs. I found a similar mani at a, new to me, blog called Tales About Nails. Such a cute name. My mani is very similar, but with a darker purple. I loved her mani and ended up loving mine too. Yay *\o/*

For this mani I used:
China Glaze Grape Pop on both the index and pinky.
China Glaze Liquid Leather on the middle finger with Zoya Purity for the dots I free handed with a dotting tool.
China Glaze Polarized on the ring finger.
I used a a single rhinestone on the pinky I got from my friend Kim. She and I met recently and discovered we share a love of all things nail related. That was an awesome day. And a blog post for later! So, thanks Kim for the rhinestones! I love using them!

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