Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Color Club Eternal Beauty

Holographic nail polish is one the most amazing things! I don't really know how all those rainbows show up from something on your nails, but I love it!

Color Club Eternal Beauty is part of the Halo Hues collection that was released in the winter of 2013. Eternal Beauty is a grape purple with intense scattered holographic effect. It's hella gorgeous! I used Nfu oh aqua base but it's not required. I like to use aqua base to bring out even more holo. This polish applies perfectly without it. It dries really fast and wears much longer than you'd expect from a holo. The whole collection does! Purple is my second favorite color and this polish is amazeballs!


  1. Such a great purple holo!! I agree, just love to look at holo finishes, they are my fave! Great pix :)

    1. Rainbows!!! I love them too...Thanks for looking Arathael!