Saturday, October 18, 2014

Nail Mail!

I've decided to start journaling my nail mail and hauls. This nail mail was delivered yesterday evening. So here's my first nail mail journal *\o/*

The unveling of indie polish designer The Hungry Asian Tamala. A black jelly I've had my eye one for a long time. Lemming squashed!!!

It arrived in this perfectly sized box. I'll be re-using this box without a doubt. I have a trade I'm about to send off and this will be just right. Yay for recycle/reuse :D

Inside I found this really nice touch of a hand written note. This is what's so awesome about indie polish designers. It leaves a great impression for sure.

Once I unwrapped the packing paper this cute little nail sushi was inside tied with a pretty bow.

Maybe a burrito?

And once I opened the tissue paper it was bubble wrapped. That is some love given to a polish being sent across the miles. Safe and snug <3

And finally, after the bubble wrap is off, the beauty inside. Tamala. A gorgeous black jelly I cannot wait to use. I already have the first mani for her planned.

Nail mail is so fun. So was journaling about it. I'll be doing this next time I do a haul or get nail mail.

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