Friday, October 3, 2014

OPI DS Tourmaline

Two big things to celebrate today. We found out yesterday that a precious baby girl will joining the family around March 19th. I am so very excited and happy. My heart is filled with joy! I can't wait to see her and for her big brother Hunter to meet her. Happy day.

AND it's my MIL's birthday. Happy Birthday Mom <3

Pink is the color for celebrating today! I just got the two new OPI Designer Series and one is sparkly and pink, so it's perfect!! OPI DS Tourmaline is a rose pink jelly with irridescent flakes and even some holographic glitter. When the light hits this...I die..I adore wearing this shade of pink so it seemed perfect to celebrate with for the weekend. I am head over heels with joy and needed something to reflect my happiness. Application was a dream. This is two coats with top coat. It seems like it dries with a matte finish, but I really didn't care for it with this polish so I added TC.

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  1. Congratumafreakinlations, mama!! Beautiful color for celebrating :) :)