Wednesday, October 1, 2014

OPI Neutral Ombre

I love neutrals. For wall color, furniture, clothes, just about anything. Even my nails! I did an ombre mani with the gorgeous neutrals from the Brazil collection.

The Brazil collection was just released this past February (2014). It's a beautiful collection. I knew right away I had to have the neutrals. Or I guess some call them nudes. They're just beautiful. For the ombre I used the following:
Index: OPI Don't Bossa Nova Me Around
Middle: OPI Taupe-less Beach
Ring: OPI I Sao Paulo Over There
Pinky: OPI Scores A Goal

I saw like eleventy billion people do an ombre with this when I googled the collection today to try and figure out how to get the little tilde over the a in Sao. I didn't figure that out, but obviously it's a great idea :D Great minds think alike!

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