Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Color Club The Uptown

Boy the nail polish groups I'm in went crazy over this polish recently. For some reason Color Club is changing / has changed the formula on this polish and it will no longer be flakies. I have no idea why. But it's tragic :(

My mani with Essence Break Through was still going strong so I decided to add a couple coats of Color Club The Uptown over it. They just looked like they'd work well together...BINGO
They look hella good together. I think this is pure winning! Color Club The Uptown is purple jelly with beautiful little flakies in it that flash golden/pink and it looks ahh may zing with Break Through. I am thrilled with the results.
I added two coats of The Uptown, though one could have been enough depending on how much flakie action you want. I wanted a lot. So two coats! I added quick dry top coat to seal it up and dry it fast. Quick and easy mani. Happy :)

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