Monday, November 17, 2014

Essence Walk Of Fame

I wanted a neutral type of polish for today. I've done a lot of color and designs lately and I just needed simple and pretty.

Essence Walk Of Fame is a cute little bottle of polish I've had in my Alex since like 2011 and untried. What a shame! I don't know how I let this little pretty sit so long unloved. It's just lovely. I love the shade. I call it taupe. It's brownish grey and I adore these shades. When we remodeled our living room/ dining room/ kitchen this year we used neutral taupes and the like. They're very comfortable colors to surround yourself in. The formula on this was not awesome. It was pretty thick and almost goopy. That very likely could be because it's been sitting so long unused. I'm not sure. But it was opaque in two coats and I added some quick dry and it is so shiny! Love this :D

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