Friday, November 21, 2014

Gradient Cotton Candy Mani

I was looking through instagram a while back and came across this super cute gradient pink and blue mani by @sloteazzy. She has a youtube channel too
I knew immediately I was going to try and do my own version of it.

I haven't blogged a gradient yet. I don't think I've done one I love as much as this one for sure! It was so easy and I think it turned out great.
I used Zoya Purity for the base. For the gradient I used a make up sponge and applied China Glaze Dance Baby and Color Club Take Me To Your Chateau. For the accent nail I used Amy's Nail Boutique Cotton Candy...of course! I topped that off with quick dry top coat. I am in love. This is the perfect fun mani for the weekend.

China Glaze Dance Baby is the perfect shade of baby pink from the 2012 Electropop collection and Color Club Take Me To Your Chateau is the perfect shade of a baby blue released in the Pardon My French 2010 collection. Combined, they're the perfect cotton candy colors.
Amy's Nail Boutique Cotton Candy is a fun mix of blue and pink matte glitter in clear base.

And then...I topped it with OPI Matte Top Coat and holy cow! I loved it even more.

And just for fun :D                                                    A picture taken at the Sweet Frog candy toppings.

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