Friday, November 28, 2014

OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys and Zoya Ziv

Well it's the day everyone gets up at O-dark-thirty and runs around town buying Christmas presents and acting like maniacs. Am I going out in it? Sort of. DH and I have a tradition and go out every Black Friday around 8 and get the Pandora limited edition bead they reveal on this day. It's a new-ish tradition for us. Since 2011. Before that we didn't go out into the madness. By the time we get out there most of the crazy stuff is done already, so it's not too bad.

I'm not quite ready for Christmas manis so I kept with a Thanksgiving color scheme for today. 
OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys is the absolute perfect brown. There are no undertones making it seem red or even purplish as some browns tend to lean. It's just a lovely chocolate brown. Suzi Loves Cowboys was released in the spring 2011 Texas collection. Application was smooth, though it's a little thin so I was careful not to flood my cuticles...after I flooded one and needed to start that nail over :D
My accent nail is Zoya Ziv is an intense gold foil and is super opaque in just two coats. You could even get by with one coat if you wanted it a little less intense. I went for two though because I wanted  Ziv in all her glory. Ziv was released in the Ornate holiday 2012 collection . 

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