Thursday, November 13, 2014

Zoya Carter and Zoya Chyna

I love purple and red together. I always have. There's something royal about it. If it's the right, deep shade of purple and red it's just stunning. I was thinking about Zoya Carter and it came to me that Zoya Chyna might look good with it.

Zoya Carter and Zoya Chyna are both from the Pixie Dust collections, Carter was released in the fall of 2013 and is a gorgeous grape purple with hot pink shimmer. Chyna is cherry red with lighter red shimmer and was in the previous release in February of 2013. I was so right about these gorgeous shades. They look even better than it did in my head. Oh I love this combo. It's one I think I will recreate for Christmas. Application of the Zoya Pixie Dust polishes is so easy. They just glide onto the nail. They take 30 minutes or so to dry and as they're drying the texture begins to come out. It's pretty cool! They go on so shiny and seemingly smooth. But after about 20 minutes the magic begins and by about 45 minutes or so they're completely pixie dusted :D Every time I wear a pixie dust I am so into feeling the texture and having others feel it too. I'm sure people think I'm silly. I don't care. Textured polish is incredible and I insist others share in the awesome-sauce.

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