Wednesday, December 10, 2014

CND Ivory Coast

First: Happy Birthday to my sister Cathy! Hope you're having an awesome day XOXO

Sometimes you just need a nice light sheer neutral to cleanse your (nail) palette. CND Ivory Coast does nicely:

CND Ivory Coast is a sheer ivory off white jelly from their 2011 spring collection. It's super sheer but actually only took 3 coats to get this look. I actually like that it's sheer. It's a soft delicate mani that suited my mood perfectly. I just wanted something so my nails had a little color and shine. This would work nicely for a french mani as well as underwear for nail art. I'm thinking about adding an OPI Sheer Tint over it the next time I wear this. Application was smooth and easy. A nice change from the darks and designs I've been wearing lately.


  1. Hi Tami - I hope all is well with you. I miss your blog!

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